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Ethical Rules

BuracoPlus is an app open to everyone without distinction; therefore, we remind users to maintain normal civic behavior on the chat and at the game tables. The behavioral rules that follow serve as a minimum but essential ethical guide for all players who wish to participate in the site’s recreational and non-recreational activities.

ART. 1 Within the chat, the following are strictly prohibited:

  • Messages promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, pornography, or any other content exclusively for adults, fraud, scams, or any activity that does not comply with Italian law or is otherwise contrary to public order, morality, and public decency.
  • Personal insults among users.
  • Offenses against institutions or the religion of any faith.
  • Incitement to non-compliance with these rules aimed at exclusively destabilizing normal and peaceful participation in the forum.
  • Vulgarity of any kind.

ART. 2 The following are prohibited: racism, hatred, and any promotion of the inferiority or superiority of one race over others.

ART. 3 Additionally, the following are not permitted or tolerated:

  • Arguments deemed unsuitable for the spirit of the chat, contrary to good taste and modesty, or capable of offending the sensitivity of other users.
  • The publication and/or request of images, videos, and links considered obscene, offensive, or sexual in nature to individuals’ sensitivity.
  • Marketing in any form of goods, products, or services.
  • Political or propaganda topics related to any ideology or movement.

ART. 4 It is also forbidden to:

  • Engage in spamming.
  • Incite other users to leave the site.
  • Incite or facilitate the use of illegal software.
  • Incite or support any behavior aimed at violating or circumventing copyright and copyright laws.
  • Publish and/or request serial codes of commercial software.
  • Publish and/or request links to warez sites containing materials that violate copyright and copyright laws.

ART. 5 In any case, any behavior contrary to ethics and sportsmanship is prohibited in the context of games, including but not limited to:

  • Creating multiple accounts to boost a single user’s ranking.
  • Deliberately losing or abandoning games to give points to opponents.
  • Repeatedly and continuously deceiving your playmate with false information.
  • Using unauthorized programs or methods specifically designed to win games and exclude any element related to the player’s skill.
  • Collaborating with an opponent to manipulate match results.

ART. 6 It will be the sole responsibility of the staff to determine when these limits are exceeded and to take appropriate action (user suspension, chat removal, and, in the most serious cases, user exclusion from the app). The work of the moderators is final and can only be reviewed by the site administrator. However, users are permitted to request explanations, but not within the public chat space. Any disputes must be addressed via email ( Any chat discussions involving disputes in a confrontational manner will be promptly closed. Those persisting in this behavior will be immediately removed from the chat at the staff’s discretion.

NOTE Considering the dynamic nature of the chat and its constant changes, it is impossible to verify every message. We, therefore, request the cooperation of users in case of regulation violations. If other users fail to respect these rules or if there is total inactivity by the moderators, please contact us immediately via email at and request the removal of incriminating messages or user exclusion. It’s important to note that, while our application is equipped with a censorship system, like any other system, it may have its limitations and vulnerabilities. In case of a positive verification, offenders will lose their user status, face suspension, and, in the most serious cases, may be excluded by the staff.”